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Huellas Incómodas is a digital preservation initiative that works to document, contextualize and generate a public legacy of collective memory and the right to truth, based on feminist social struggles in Latin America. The project arises from the ephemeral nature of the expressions of protest in the physical and digital public space, which is what we call Footprints, and intervenes against the urgency to erase them.

Footprints are uncomfortable for two reasons. First, because they evidence injustice, impunity, gender violence, femicide, harassment and the inaction of institutions and individuals. Second, they are uncomfortable because the footprints celebrate women's activism and resistance to patriarchy.

On this site you will find digital collections of activism in different parts of Latin America. If you want to contribute to preserving digital activism in the region, you can submit us a feminist website for archiving or submit images of uncomfortable footprints in your city.

Image credit: Adriana Pérez